Olive Soap Savon de Marseille 300g


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Savon du Midi olive soap Savon de Marseille as a traditional soap cubes.

【Marseille soap benefits and advantages】
‧ Suitable for sensitive skin and babies, pregnant women; for body and face
‧ Rich in Vitamin E
‧ Olive oil soft skin and strong moisturizing effect
‧ Moisturizing: All French dermatologists believe that Marseille soap is the best for dry skin
‧ Money saver: Marseille soap is more durable than other soaps

【Our real Marseille soap】
1) Hypoallergenic
2) Biodegradable: Marseille soap is environment friendly, no pollution and damage for the environment
3) Only vegetable fat
4) No chemical additives (Animal fats, dyes, preservatives, allergens...)

How to use:
Take soap and lather in the hands. Apply the lather to the entire body /hands /face and gently massage. Rinse it off thoroughly.