Yuet Wo - Monkfruit Tamari Soy Sauce 150ml / 羅漢無雙生抽 - 150毫升


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生酮. 低醣. 純素. 無麩質. 無糖


悦和醬園 Yuet Wo - Made in Hong Kong

Ingredients: Soy Bean, Water, Salt,  Monkfruit

成份: 黃豆、水、鹽、羅漢果

Naturally fermented and sun-dried for 6 months, without using wheat flour, making this tamari soy sauced a gluten-free product.
No added sugar, seasoning with monkfruit  (this product carries a monkfruit taste)

Produced in a factory where soya beans, cereals containing gluten, sesame, peanuts, crustacean and their products are also handled.

Nutritional information
  Per 100g
Energy / kcal
Protein / g
Total fat / g
   of which Saturated fat / g
   of which Trans fat / g
Carbohydrates / g
   of which Sugars / g
   of which Dietary Fibre / g
Sodium / mg


Origin: Hong Kong

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