Medjool Dates - Jumbo / 大椰棗


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Medjool Dates - Jumbo / 大椰棗
Medjool Dates - Jumbo / 大椰棗

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Dates come in many, many different qualities. These Medjool Dates are freshly flown in from Israel each season, and are classified as "Super Jumbo" grade - they average over 30g per piece! The average Medjool date by comparison is at 16-20 grams. This plumpness is because these Medjool dates are much juicier, sweeter and flavourful than the average date. Try them out to see why they're so special!

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Sweet, Caramel

Usage: The world's best, sweetiest, juiciest dates! Eat as a snack or let them be the star of any dish. You can also mince and puree dates to flavour sweet dishes or as a spread.

Technical Notes

Origin: Israel

Quality: Super Jumbo, Selected

Medjool Dates - Jumbo / 大椰棗
Medjool Dates - Jumbo / 大椰棗