Kale Pesto / 羽衣甘藍青醬


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有別傳統做法,除了加入腰果和羅勒葉外,營廚Marco Lo特別於青醬內加入羽衣甘 藍。 「超級食物」羽衣甘藍含有豐富營養價值,包括抗氧化維他命C,配上麵包或意粉 ,味道一流!

Innovated on top of the traditional cooking method with cashew nuts and basil leaves, Chef Marco Lo specially added kale into the Kale Pesto. Kale is considered a superfood, which contains abundant nutrients and is extremely high in vitamin C. Kale Pesto is the best served topping with bread and pasta. Scrumptious!


Ingredients: Soybean Oil、Kale、Basil、Cashew、Garlic、Sea Salt、Brown Sugar