Japanese Sesame Red Miso Sauce / 日式芝麻麵豉醬


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Size: 180g


This Japanese sesame red miso sauce uses Yi O mature ginger, simmered in premium sesame oil to bring out its pungent flavours. The addition of naturally fermented, non-GMO soy red miso turns this into a rich, Japanese-inspired sauce.


Made in Hong Kong with no preservatives or colorants.


Cook or marinate with this sauce to add another dimension of richness and flavour to your dish.


This sauce can be used to marinate vegetables, meat or fish, dressing appetisers, stir-fry or even as a dipping sauce. You can't miss out of you enjoy Japanese-style dishes!

成份: 赤味噌 、芝麻油、糖、芝蔴醬、二澳薑、味琳、油、米醋、芝蔴

Ingredients: Red Miso, Sesame Oil, Sugar, Sesame Paste, Yi O Ginger, Mirin, Oil, Rice Vinegar, White Sesame

Origin: Hong Kong

Recipes 食譜:

Shredded chicken and veg cold noodles 雞絲涼伴三色蔬菜麵 

Coriander lotus and Omnipork medallion 香茜新豬肉藕餅