Eucalyptus Raw Honey 桉樹原蜜 500g


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Eucalyptus, meaning “a gift from God”, is a plant native to Australia and is regarded as Australia’s national tree.

During the Second World War and Japanese Invasion, a huge forest area in Hong Kong was destroyed. In order to rapidly improve the countryside landscape and prevent soil erosion, a gigantic forest planting campaign had started, and fast-growing Eucalyptus tree has become one of the imported trees that were widely planted.

The colour of Eucalyptus honey is amber, its texture is thick but delicate, possessing a exotic taste of bitterness while different from those from Ivy Tree Honey. This type of honey may crystallize. The smell of Eucalyptus honey is slightly different from other types of honey, it is heavy, strong and features the unique fragrance of Eucalyptus flowers.

Eucalyptus honey can help soothing influenza, throat infection and inflammation.

Note: Do not feed raw honey to infant below one years old.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Raw honey may crystalize under room temperature. It is normal and do not affect the quality of our honey.


桉樹原蜜/桉樹蜜 500g

香港馬鞍山採收桉樹蜜。經香港標準及檢定中心(STC)和香港通用檢測認證 SGS,證實香港原蜜出產蜂蜜沒加工加熱、不摻糖、不含鈉、沒有抗生素,且不含農藥。

蜂蜜功效: 天然香港蜜糖抗菌性強,每天食用一蜜匙,有助:


味道:多呈琥珀色,質感黏稠,柔和細膩,會結晶 。桉樹蜜氣味較其他類型蜂蜜稍有區別,桉醇味較重,日久漸輕,帶有獨特的桉樹花香味,入口醇厚甘美。