Coconut Caramel Cluster


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Minimum order of 200 grams

(price is per gram)

At any time! Simply crafted from coconut…it’s the perfect balance of crunch and sweetness in every spoonful. A bomb of flavors in one piece.
Enjoy these clusters as an indulgent treat on their own or use them as a topping in smoothie bowls for that extra crunchy fiber goodness!

                          INGREDIENTS: Desiccated coconut, coconut sugar, puffed rice, coffee powder, vanilla powder, and sea salt.

                          May contain traces of treenuts, peanuts, sesame, gluten and soy.

                          ORIGIN: Srilanka

                          NUTRITION FACTS:

                          GRAMS PER SERVE  
                          SERVES PER PACK  
                            PER SERVE PER 100g
                          ENERGY 441.4kJ 2207kJ
                          PROTEIN 1g 5g
                          FAT, TOTAL 7.7g 38.5g
                          SATURATED 7g 35g
                          CARBOHYDRATE 10.7g 53.5g
                          SUGARS 5g 25g
                          SODIUM 30mg 150mg