Caraway Seeds / 藏茴香籽


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Caraway Seeds / 藏茴香籽
Caraway Seeds / 藏茴香籽

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Caraway seeds look remarkably similar to Cumin, and taste like a burst of various cooling herbs. Ours contain upwards of 3% essential oils, making them the amongst the best of their species. Use to add refreshing mint flavours to all kinds of food. Can be used directly as seeds, or ground and used as any dry spice.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Anise, Dill, Fennel, Spearmint

Usage: Use the spice directly, no need to grind. Caraway Seeds can be used for garnishing breads such as paninis, naan, rye bread,  and work well with cheese.

Technical Notes

Origin: Finland

Quality: 99.5% Premium Selected


Caraway Seeds / 藏茴香籽
Caraway Seeds / 藏茴香籽