Bath Brush (50cm)


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Bath Brush (50cm)
Bath Brush (50cm)


  • Perfect for exfoliating and improving blood circulation during a hot bath or shower
  • The handcrafted long handle is great for scrubbing your back and hard-to-reach areas
  • Includes a hanging loop for easy storage

Size (approx.)

  • 50cm long


  • Oiled Beechwood
  • Soft, light bristle*

    *Bristle refers to the hair from a pig or boar

    Product Care

    Rinse bristles gently in warm water and air dry at room temperature; bristles soften with use.

    Re-treat with wood oil or wax at least once a month.

    Country of Origin: Germany 

    Bath Brush (50cm)
    Bath Brush (50cm)