Basket Coffee Filter (Unpackaged 1 filter)


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Basket Coffee Filter (Unpackaged 1 filter)
Basket Coffee Filter (Unpackaged 1 filter)

ReUsable | ReNewable | Economical | Simple

  • Made to fit Auto Drip Basket Style
  • B1-01 Dimensions (small): 5” x 6.75” Made to fit 3 - 6 cup makers (Unpackaged 1 filter)

  • B2-01 Dimensions (traditional): 5.25” x 8” Made to fit Auto Drip Basket Traditional 6-12 cup makers. (Unpackaged 1 filter)

  • Easy cleanup - Just empty grounds, rinse, and hang to thoroughly dry

  • High quality and less expensive than many market alternatives

  • Made from Organic Cotton - a responsibly produced, renewable resource


CoffeeSock are natural filters that impart no flavour, they make a more reliable brew for less money than buying single-use paper filters! Filters are made from organic sustainably harvested cotton. Cotton absorbs some of the oils released from coffee beans yet lets acids pass through.

They're easy to use and maintain: just place the filter like you normally would and make your coffee, rinse the filter when you're done and let it air dry before the next use. There's no need to use soap, but you can use a mild detergent if you'd like. These eco-friendly filters are made to be zero-waste, may last a year or more and the fabric is compostable once you're done with it. 

CoffeeSock filters are made in Austin, Texas. All filters are sewn and packaged by happy human beings making a fair and living wage.

    Basket Coffee Filter (Unpackaged 1 filter)
    Basket Coffee Filter (Unpackaged 1 filter)