Amaranth (Organic) / 有機莧菜籽


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Amaranth is highly packed with nutrients, proteins and fats compared to the average rice. Unlike most grains, amaranth is also extremely versatile: you can add to your breakfast cereals, you can use for porridge, you can substitute it in place of rice, and you can even powder and use its gelatinous properties to thicken soups and sauces. Regency organic amaranth hails from Peru, where we have a close connection to our farmers and ensure top quality, cleaned and selected grains at every batch. Also known as Amranth, Amaranthus.


Cooking Notes

Flavour: Wheat, Nutty, Berry

Usage: Cook 1 cup Amaranth with 1.5 cups liquid uncovered for 20 minutes. Works as a very versatile grain as substitute for rice, as well as cereals when topped with fruit, and even porridge. You can also use ground amaranth to thicken soups and sauces.

Technical Notes

Origin: Peru

Quality: Special Selection, Top Grade