Pick your 1st Menstrual Cup workshop


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🍷Pick your 1st Cup🍷 

There are so many menstrual cups on the market these days. They range in shape, size, color, and firmness. It’s hard to know what will work for you and what won’t.

Before you get too overwhelmed, this workshop will cover EVERYTHING you need to know and help you pick your FIRST cup!

Workshop Key Concept   

*Learn more about menstruation and sharing of previous experience 

*Introduce about other options other than disposable pads 

*Introduce usage of menstrual cup and cloth pads 

Ppl: 10 max 

Fee: $200/person

Promotion: 5% off on the day of the workshop at Live Zero Bulk Beauty 

Happeriod Introduction 

Happeriod, Hong Kong’s most trusted one-stop platform for all things menstruation. It was founded in 2015 by Zoe Chan Yuk-lam, a Hong Kong social activist and entrepreneur. Zoe hopes to smash the stigma surrounding menstruation in Hong Kong, and helps women and girls to make empowered choices for their own bodies. Happeriod offers Hong Kong’s largest range of menstrual products, educational and cloth pad making workshops, as well as online & offline education, including an Education Toolkit and Student Workshops for Middle & High Schools. 

Happeriod believes that you must “Know yourself. Own your choices.” 

Come and join the workshop and learn more! 

Terms and Conditions 

1. Only limited seats are available. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Once the booking is confirmed, there is no cancellation of ticket under any circumstances. 

2. Happeriod reserves the right to make changes to the event details and/or other arrangements as it deems appropriate. If any dispute arises, the company's determination shall be final.